Xiaomi Mijia M365

DIY: Repair a Flat Tire in Your Xiaomi M365 Rear Wheel

How to: Fix a flat tire in Xiaomi Mijia M365 rear wheel

one of the more prominent disadvantages I find in the popular electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia M365 is its two relativel thin tires and inner tubes which are the main cause for flat tires.

It can be quite tedious to be stuck in the middle of the road on your way to work or school with a flat tire, waiting for someone to rescue you. Replacing a tire can also cost a lot of money in a tire repair shop. I had 6 punctures so far.

With little time investment you can learn how to fix a punctured inner tube and replace the rear wheel tire of your Xiaomi Mijia M365 while saving tons of money on repairs and learning a useful skill.

I managed to learn by watching YouTube videos on how to repair Xiaomi M365 flat tire in 1 hour. i am sure you can to.

I also believe a thousand words worth one picture and one video is even better, that why I collected the best videos I think are the best.

Good luck


How to Replace Xiaomi Mijia Rear Tube and Tire by – Falcon PEV

Removing the rear wheel in XIAOMI M365 electric scooter by Mister Peuf (Fr)


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9 Thoughts to “DIY: Repair a Flat Tire in Your Xiaomi M365 Rear Wheel”

  1. GC

    Neither of those videos are great, they don’t show how to get the tyre back on the rim, it’s impossible!

    1. J

      With spoons. Or plastic tyre levers. With dish soap.

  2. St

    Getting a tire (esp. a new one) back on rim is almost impossible, unless you know how. I’ll make a video soon to explain exactly how. Fairly easy when you know.

    1. Ferran

      You could say it now… hahah im in this situation

    2. Antonio

      Please do it as soon as possible 😁

  3. Brendan

    Yes please do!

  4. Janez

    Hi everyone, I have Xiaomi Aphawise (looks simillar as Mijia) but my rear tyre is solid. I don’t like it since it has no proper shock absorption and it goes rather flat during the ride.
    Is it possible to replace it with inflatable tube tyre? There is no opening in the rim for inflation valve. I guess I could drill one. Has anyone perform such change.

    1. troy

      If you find the right size and know how to drill the right way then I think you could do it. though Im not sure it will give you the desired outcome.
      good luck.

  5. Janez

    Just installed inflatable tyre. i drilled a hole in the rim for valve, installed outer tyre ind inner tube. It fits perfectly. No more banging noise as I drive over sidewalk curbs and other not level suphaces.
    I recomend to evryone.

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