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DIY: Replace the Rear Brake Pads in Xiaomi Mijia M365

How To: change the rear brake pads in Xiaomi Mijia M365

If you are constantly adjusting your Xiaomi M365 rear breaks and are running out of rear brake cable, your rear brake pads are probably worn out. In this DIY guide you will learn how to replace the rear brake pads by your self.

The Xiaomi M365 has a disc brake on its rear wheel that can be changed if they are worn down.

The type of brakes discs carried by the Xiaomi Mijia M365 are an AONS ANS-03 with Clarks CMD-5 / CMD-7 tablets of 6 mm thick.

These brake pads can be bought and replaced as spare parts in physical bicycle stores as well as on the Internet and at a low price.

In order to change the brake pads of the Xiaomi Mijia M365 disc, the rear wheel must be removed. Once it is removed, it will allow us a comfortable access to the the brake mechanism. There, there is an 6 mm Allen key seating which you need to loosen in order to replace the Brake Pads.

Once you replaced the tablet with the new one, you only have to follow and undo the previous steps in order to bring the brakes to its original order.

The internal string of the brake, is the one that brings the brake disc closer or farther, so the closer to the disc, the better braking performance we will obtain.

Remember that the tablet on the disc that is mobile when braking is the external one.

The metal string on the end of the brake cover helps us fine tune the brakes. If we unscrew it, we bring the outer tablet closer to the disc. If we screw it, we move that tablet away from the disc.

xiaomi m365 rear breaks

I collected some videos that explains how to change rear brake pads in Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365 HOW TO change rear brake pads by: Doug Hnut (English)

 Replace Rear Brake Pads in Xiaomi M365 (Hebrew)

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  1. Frédéric

    Hi Optimus,

    after I changed the brake pad i have some time the “Error 15” (1 long beep and 5 short beeps).
    What do I do wrong?

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